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Recipes for Interior Decorating Success Part 3: How to create a funky room, a sophisticated room with a with touch of traditional style and a warm elegant room

As mentioned in the Part 1 of Recipes for Interior Decorating Success a recipe is a formula. In this blog I will give the formula on how you can create a lively funky room, a sophisticated traditional room and a warm elegant room. The same basic ingredients for an all white room will again be the basis for the interior decorating recipes.

How to change a basic white room into a young lively funky room

Basic ingredients for an all white room

Timber floor boards – painted white

Skirting board, architraves – painted white

Ceiling & Walls – painted white

Sofa – white fabric

Cushions – white fabric

Sample Board created by Rosena on

As illustrated in the image above to these basic ingredients black and white art work and a red chair has been added. You can change the feel of a room not only with colors but also by selecting different styles of decorating items. In this example the room is given a lively funky look by the addition of red, blue chairs and light fitting, two fluffy black lamps and a cow hide floor rug. This immediately gives the space a fresh young fun look.

To create this young lively funky look:

Cushions – Red glossy and silver in a damask style from Fundi Designs

Table lamps – black shades with feather trim on stainless steel bases from Fundi Designs

Armchairs – blue upholstery on stainless steel base by Sean Williams

Side tables – black in a fun egg timer design from Zumod of South Africa

Floor rug – black and white cow hide from Zumod

Light fitting – red and blue chandelier design from Custom Lighting of Australia

Sample Board created by Rosena on

To create a warm elegant comfortable room

You can also create an elegant understated room by adding items of elegance in muted dusky colors. To achieve this look you need to add the following ingredients.

How to change a basic white room into a warm elegant room

Light fitting – woven pendant from Fundi Designs

Armchair (s) – White to match sofa from Wunders of South Africa

Sheer fabric – White stripe from Osborne and Little

Curtain fabric – Dusky pink linen from Osborne and Little

Coffee Table – Replica of an Eric Pfeiffer table from Zuomod

Floor Lamp – spiral timber base with lamps shade in colors to harmonize with coffee table

Floor Rug – Silk Road Weaves in ducky pink and brown from Integral Color

Sculpture – white with black base from Andre Stead Sculpture

Wallpaper – dusky pink in contemporary design from Thibaut Design

Cushion fabric— dusky pink silk from Osborn and Little

Sample Board created by Rosena on

To create sophisticated room with touch of traditional style

The basic white room can be transformed into a sophisticated formal room. You can add items of designs based on traditional styles. Adding traditional styled lamps with silk and velvet fabrics for cushions gives the room a sense of luxury a very different look from the young funky room.

How to change a basic white room into a sophisticated room with touch of traditional style 

Wallpaper – Metallic stripe reminiscent of traditional wallpapers from Osborne and Little

Lamps – in traditional style from Antique and Vintage Lamp Co of Australia

Light Fitting – Orchid Pendant adds to the glamour of the room

Side Tables – in metallic gold in traditional style from Weylandts of South Africa

Armchair – Original style based on classic styles from Weylandts of South Africa

Curtains – soft green silk from Osborne and Little

Cushions – made up from fabrics of green silk and velvet flock from Osborne and Little

Floor Rug – Gonsenhausers green and dark beige in traditional style from Carpet and Décor Rugs

This is the last blog in this series of Interior Decorating Recipes. Starting with a basic plain white room you create a background from which a series of different looks can be achieved.

The sample board website provides you with a platform where you can easily play around with your ideas. As I have done in these series of blogs. It also provides you with a detailed summary of every item you select for your boards. If you haven’t done so already I invite you to have a go by following the link all you need to do is click on the Create Your Own Digital Mood Board on the right (under Creative Buzz Links). Have fun!!!



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