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Peaceful and serene interior design green

As stated in the past three blogs there are four basic personality types; sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic and melancholy. Hippocrates identified and labeled these four basic personality temperaments over 2000 years ago. Many people have studied the personality styles and used them to help with business, education, health and personal development. Having an understanding of people can be very helpful to the designer.

Easy to get on with, easy going non fuss phlegmatic

In the last of this series of blogs on personality styles the phlegmatic will be discussed. This sort of person is very laid back, an easy going and easy to get along no fuss sort of person. They are the sort of people who are the backbone of a family or business. You can rely on this person to be there.

Friendly wanting peace family most important  

The phlegmatic person can be an introvert and a pessimist. They prefer to follow rather than lead. Their easy relaxed personality makes them eager to please. They crave peace. In a group they will often sit back and watch others. Friendly, people orientated; family is most important to them. It is estimated sixty eight percent of the population have a dominance of phlegmatic personality traits.

Enviro Natural interior design suits the peaceful caring person

As they care about people, animals and the environment the Enviro Natural style of interior design would most suit them. These sorts of people like well loved often handmade objects around them. Not for them the uncluttered mini modern style.

Green and lazy Sunday afternoons

If this person was a colour I think they would be green. Their tendency to lean back instead of standing up straight gives the impression they value a peaceful, restful and casual life. This leads me to disclose the song I sang in my workshops to represent the phlegmatic. The song I chose; ‘Lazy Sunday Afternoon’. I’m singing it now and it continues like this ‘… got no time to worry’. Oh I can’t remember the rest or who wrote or sang the song.

Well that’s the end of the wee series of blogs on personality temperaments and the interior design styles I think would most suit them. All the sample boards in this blog were created by me Rosena on the eco friendly digital mood board creator  You to can play around with your design ideas by just following the link on the right. Just to recap

  • Sunny, happy, want to have fun sanguine Ethnic Cultural interior design colour yellow
  • Strong, on the run, choleric achiever Mini Modern interior design colour red
  • Sensitive, gentle, want everything perfect melancholy Traditional Cultural interior design style colour blue
  • Laid back, easy going, peaceful phlegmatic Enviro Natural interior design colour green

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I will also again add the quick and easy personality quiz. Just in case you haven’t checked it out yet. It may give you an idea of what sort of person you are

Personality Quiz A5


Perfect Blue & Traditional Interior Design

The person with a melancholy personality wants a perfect world, to be perfect and wants everyone else to be perfect. They can make life hard for themselves. In the last two blogs I talked about the fun loving sanguine and the achieving choleric personalities and in the next blog I will finish this series of blogs with the laid back phlegmatic personality.

Melancholy wants perfection

People with a melancholy personality type are sensitive and deep thinkers. If you want a perfect job just call this person. They are usually shy, gentle, quiet and often tend to be loners. Many great artists had melancholy temperaments.

Shy deep thinking sensitive

Of the four interior design styles; Mini Modern, Ethnic Cultural, Enviro Natural and Traditional Cultural, the Traditional Cultural would suit the melancholy person best. They value beautiful things and great craftsmanship.

Traditional Cultural Interior Style

Now to the song; the song I selected in my workshops to help the participants recall the traits of the melancholy temperament ‘Blue Moon’. The words ‘blue moon you saw me standing alone without a song in my heart without a love of my own’. I thought the words illustrate how the poor melancholy person can take a long time to find a partner because they want perfection. They want a perfect mate and perfect relationship. So they can often find themselves alone.

Blue Moon and perfect subduing blue or maybe world of our own

The colour blue is subduing and tranquilizing this is the colour I selected to represent the melancholy person. The melancholy person is deep like the ocean and can often appear far away like they are in a world of their own. Just thought the Seekers song ‘World of Our Own’ could also be a match. Goes something like this;

We’ll build a world of our own that no one else can share.

All our sorrows we’ll leave far behind us there.

And I know you will find there’ll be peace of mind when we live in a world of our own.

So I’m singing away as I write this blog. It’s a habit of mine bursting into song at anytime and anywhere. If you would like more information on this temperament here is the link to the article Interior Design with Personality in Mind You may also like to check out this link  it’s a blog about how to work well with the melancholy client I also have added a quick personality quiz.

Personality Quiz A5

All the Mood Boards in this blog were created by Rosena on You can click on the board to get details. If you haven’t had ago at creating sample boards on I invite you to do so. It’s easy it’s fun it’s a brilliant way to create eco friendly boards.

Art, Interior Design Style, Personality Types, Color and Song

When I was studying art (painting, drawing, sculpture….) I made an interesting discovery although I love art I missed working with people so a few years later I transferred to interior design. A career in interior design is a brilliant way of combining artistic flair with the ability to work well with people. I have always had a fascination with how people tick and over the years have studied the subject on a number of occasions. Having an understanding of others has been very helpful in my work life.

Mood Board created by Rosena on

So I thought this month I would revisit Interior Design with Personality in Mind. I have written a number of articles on the topic and have also covered the subject in a few blog posts. I will not cover all the ground covered in this blog but will give you the links relevant to this blog so you can find out more on this very interesting theory if you want to.

I have also studied public and community health. One day I plan to do more research into the health benefits of interior design. To me all these issues are linked.

4 Personality Types Sangs are life of part types

Basically there are four main personality types; sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic and melancholy. We usually have a dominant personality type and then have a mix of the other personality traits. The first personality type I want to consider in this blog is the sanguine.

This is the life of the party outgoing sort of person. Then tend to talk, smile and laugh a lot. Some studies estimated about twelve percent of the population have sanguine personalities.

4 Interior Design Styles

A number of years ago I divided the numerous interior design styles into four main categories. I have given each style a name; Ethnic Cultural, Mini Modern, Enviro/Natural and Traditional/Classic. I then worked out this theory; particular personality types would find one of these interior styles the most comfortable and suitable to live with. I have since discovered others have also had similar theories.

Ethnic Cultural Interior Design Style

The Ethic Cultural interior design style I believe would most suit the sanguine. This style is dramatic, bold, warm, interesting and the objects selected tell a story. The interior design items selected could be from China, India or any other ethnic source. The sanguine person likes to have activity and drama so this is why I think the style would be the most suitable.

Sunny yellow that’s me

Over the years I have conducted numerous workshops on the personality types. As a way of helping the participants remember the types I envisaged each personality type as a color. I see the sanguine as sunny and bright so if they were a color it would be yellow.

From Cindi Lauper ‘Girls just want to have fun’ to ‘Sangs just want to have fun’

I also came up with a song for each personality and would sing this to the participants of my workshops. Instead of ‘Girls just want to have fun’ I would sing ‘Sangs just want to have fun’. Participants told me using colors and songs really did help them to remember the different personality types. More on this interesting topic will be covered in the next few blogs.

Some Links for more information on this topic

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What people want

Designers find out what people want. Some want fun, some want peace, some want perfection and some want control. Find out who wants what.

Over the years I have worked out my own little systems to help me understand and remember the different personalities. I have given the four main personality types a colour. To me red represents the choleric person dominant and active. Yellow represents the sunny personality of the sanguine. Blue reminds me of the deep thinking melancholy. Green represents to me of the laid back steady phlegmatic.

Choleric the achiever wants activity and control
I have also work out my own names for each personality style. The choleric is the achiever, extroverted and optimistic. The choleric is happy with control and activity. Their theme song could well be the Frank Sinatra song ‘I did it My Way’. They do have a tendency to think they have all the answers and in their eyes they are always right. It just as well it is estimate only three percent of the population are choleric.

Sanguine the talker wants to have fun
The sanguine person’s main objective in life is to have fun. The Cindy Lauper some ‘Girls just want to have Fun’ could be translated into ‘Sangs just want to have Fun’. To me the sanguine is the talker, extroverted and optimistic. It has been estimated twelve percent of the population are sanguine.

Belgian Art Nouveau architect Victor Horta believed homes should be portrait houses design should not merely reflect the owner’s life-style but be his portrait

The deep thinking melancholy wants perfection
Unfortunately the melancholy person wants to achieve perfection. They want to be perfect, they want everyone else to be perfect and they want the world to be perfect. With this motivating force no wonder they can feel depressed in this imperfect world. If they had a theme song I think it would be ‘Blue Moon’. The words of the song ‘blue moon you saw me standing alone…’ could well describe the melancholy person. They like to spend time alone. It has been said the melancholy takes a long time to find a partner because they are looking for someone perfect.  They are estimated to make up seventeen percent of the population.    

The easy going phlegmatic wants peace
The easy going phlegmatic wants peace. They too can be introverted and pessimistic. If they had a theme song it could well be ‘Lazy Sunday Afternoon’. The song continues ‘got no time to worry.. .’ They would like to live a relaxed life with no worries. About sixty eight percent of the population are estimated to be phlegmatic.    

I could go on discussing this fascinating topic. I had planned to finish the discussion today. However it I think it is better to continue the discussion in the next blog

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