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Welcome to Rosena’s creative and colorful world of design!

Rosena MacFadzean has a wealth of experience in interior design, interior decorating, art and related areas. Starting from raw beginnings she has expanded her career through learning and application to the stage where she is now considered a top designer in the industry. Rosena is the official author for the Creative Buzz Blog and Creative Buzz Articles hosted on

Rosena came to Australia from Ireland in the 1970s and settled in NSW. To get herself started here she went back to school at night to undertake educational studies. She did this whilst working full time. This was to become a pattern for her life in Australia, the land of opportunity. She found working hard and studying hard produced results.

“I love learning and I love interior design and decorating,” says Rosena. “It has given me a freedom of expression that is rewarding and really enjoyable. I want to pass that on to my students.”

Rosena studied interior design at the Queensland College of Art and continued on from there to achieve a Diploma in Interior Design. She has also studied interior decorating, painting, sculpture, psychology and theology. In addition, she holds a Graduate Diploma in Public and Community Health and the national Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training.

Rosena has a broad portfolio of skills behind her. She has worked as an interior designer, as a health professional, as a trainer, and has also conducted tutoring at the College of Art. During her working life she has designed, implemented and conducted training sessions on personal development, interior decorating and retail studies. During the 1990’s Rosena worked with the Retail Traders Association of Victoria as a Retail Trainer. And further to her work, Rosena has been a guest speaker and singer at a number of women’s conferences.

Rosena has worked with a top interior designer, designing for private clients and doing display homes for a national builder. She has also conducted Interior Decorating Classes at night school for TAFE. Currently, she is an interior design consultant. Rosena is also working on turning her workshops on interior decorating into a series of coffee table books. On top of this she has just completed a commission for four paintings.

Rosena is a wonderful tutor. She loves to train, teach,tutor and mentor others. She is also a goal setter who believes in positive motivation and helping others to achieve their goals.


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