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Have you heard about the ‘Red Carpet Green Dress’ competition?  The contest is aimed at showing great design can have green credentials. Suzy the wife (pictured below) of Director James Cameron an ardent environmental advocate came up with the idea.

Image of Red Carpet Green Dress 2010 winner via RCGD website

This year the winner will be announced in February and the winning dress design will be worn at the 2012 Academy Awards. Designers need to submit a design to be made up in a sustainable fabric. For example organic cotton, hemp or peace silk. Or dresses can be created from reworked vintage pieces. In line with eco principles fabrics should be sourced locally.

Image of Red Carpet Green Dress winner 2011 via RCGR website

I found this information via a twit by Eco Fashion Week which led to the Red Carpet Dress website. The site is a great site to visit if you are into eco fashion. Fabric manufacturers in the past have been focused on the beauty, feel, flow and the durability of a product at the expense of sustainable issues. There is a growing momentum to address this with competitions like the one mentioned above.

If you are interested in the topic Dr Kate Fletcher’s ‘Design Journey’s’, Prof Sandy Black’s ‘Eco Chic’ are books recommended by Dilys Williams Director of Sustainable Fashion at The Centre for Sustainable Fashion at London College.

Fashion Concept Board created by Rosena on

In this blog are some images of the winning entries for 2010 and 2011; really look forward to seeing this year’s winning dress. All this inspired me to have a play around creating a concept board on the www.sampleboard website. If you are interested in fashion you will find loads of images on the sample board site; have ago creating a concept board just follow the links on the right it is easy and fun.

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