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Many professional wedding planners are now using wedding inspiration boards to help their clients clarify their ideas. So what exactly is a wedding inspiration board? Interior designers, decorators and other design professionals have used design concept boards and sample boards as a way to express their design ideas for years. Images of ideas are gathered together and placed on a series of concept boards. The wonderful thing is this process can now be carried out easily online using sampleboard the digital editor to combine images easily. The best way to explain a wedding inspiration board is with an image. Below is an example of some wedding inspiration boards created on

Wedding Inspiration Board created by Rosena on

Wedding  inspiration Board created by Rosena on

Wedding Inspiration Board created by Rosena on

A wedding inspiration board can be created on by selecting from a large library of wedding images. Images include a vast range of wedding dresses, bridal party wear, flowers, cakes, wedding style themes and color schemes. The images can then be arranged together to act as a wedding inspiration board. Another option available to the Wedding Planner is to upload your own images on to the Sample Board site. The wedding planner can create a number of boards dividing the couples’s ideas into a number of different themes. The ideas are endless and wedding planners can also be inspired by other members of the creative community.


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