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Re-Design is a growing trend in interior decorating

Following on from my last blog I thought it a good idea to look at the growing interior decorating trend for Re- Design. This could be an excellent way of obtaining interior design projects in these hard economic times.

Many interior decorators are offering Re-Design services. With catch phrases like “Would you like to create a unique new look using your existing furnishings?” Re-designers are promoting re- design as a cost effective new alternative in interior decorating. They recommend using existing items suggesting the process can be completed in a short time the only cost the decorator’s/designer’s ‘Creative Labour’

Sample Board created by Rosena on

Re- design is not about replacement but re-placement of a client’s items to create a better functioning environment. Thinking about redecorating can be a costly headache for many people. With re-design they can use what they all ready have and maybe just buy a few items.

I have created the interior design mood board above featuring a Zebra floor rug from Zuomod, Zebra ottoman from Wunders and Zebra futon and lamp shade covers from a company called Surefit. Instead of replacing a sofa, futon or lamps shade using covers could be a cost effective alternative.


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