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Why not follow the Hollywood Interior Design trend for Chinese Blue and White

One of Tina Charles’ tweets this week was ‘Hot in Hollywood – Interior designers just love Chinese Blue and White accents’.  The link from the tweet leads to a wonderful array of Chinese blue and white porcelain. This tweet got me thinking.

Sample Board created by Rosena on

The Chinese started to create porcelain during the Tang dynasty 618 AD – 906 AD. During the 14th Century in the Ming dynasty China was the most important centre for porcelain in the world. The blue used in the blue and white porcelain came to China from Persia in 1290 AD. It wasn’t until the 17th century many Europeans became aware of these beautiful objects.

England and other nations bought and then copied the blue and white style of porcelain and Chinoserie was very much in vogue. It has been in and out of fashion ever since. I thought I would join the Chinese Blue and White party and have created some sample boards to illustrate how these items in this instance lamp bases can be used.

Sample Board created by Rosena on

The wonderful Thibaut Design fabrics and wallpapers work well with an 1860 Chinese lamp. The lamps used in the boards are available from the Antique and Vintage Lamp Shop. The other boards indicate how the antique lamps can be used in contemporary schemes. In the orange scheme the lamp becomes a discordant object adding interest to the scheme.

I found this brilliant site which can give you a guide to Chinese Pottery and Porcelain Marks . You may also be interested in this article it goes into a lot of detail.

Sample Board created by Rosena on

The more I use the sample board digital editor the more I am impressed with what can be done on the site. It is a great way to hone your color and design skills. It is also a great place to be inspired by other designers. The wonderful thing is it is fun and can become addictive. So why don’t you join us and help power the world’s creativity.


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