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How to decide which style of wedding dress is best for you; Part 1: Ball Gown

The Ball Gown

This style usually has a fitted bodice, voluminous skirts, petticoats and a train. Sometimes they are made in one piece sometimes they have a top and separate skirts. The skirt skims the floor. Petticoats or hoops similar to those used during the Victorian era called crinolines are used to give the fullness required. Skirts can vary from bustled styles which have fullness in the back or circular ballerina skirts. Bodices can be strapless, corseted or off the shoulder styles, they can have straps or sleeves or be fully fitted with high necks.

The ball gown style of wedding gown is considered romantic, fairytale and princess like. The classic white wedding gown was set as a continuing trend by Queen Victoria in the 1840. The style was similar to the everyday dress then in fashion. Wedding dresses during this period were usually re-worn for formal occasions.

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Strapless ball gown for tall and slim women

Those women who are tall and slim with broad shoulders can wear the strapless ball gown. If your shoulders are narrow or you are uncomfortable exposing so much flesh then a high necked or sleeved style would be suitable. Ladies with pear shaped figures of medium height can also select this style. It is a great style for covering up wide hips and emphasizing the waist.

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Hair worn up and high heeled shoes can make shorter brides appear taller

Full busted ladies suit the corseted style with the hair worn up and high heeled shoes this can make the figure appear taller and not as wide. The ball gown is the best style of wedding gown to have if your desire is to have a train.

Satins, taffetas, lace, tulle, chiffon fabrics

There are lots of options as to the fabrics of choice. Satins and taffetas with lace overlaid or as trims work well. Dupion silk should be avoided as it tends to crease easily. There are also a range of synthetic fabrics available. Most petticoats are made of tulle sometimes sheer chiffon or voile is used.

Beading, appliqué or embroidered bodices 

The bodice can have a contrasting material to the skirt. Many are designed with lots of beading, appliqué or embroidery. This style of wedding dress has been popular in the 1950s Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly chose the ball gown style when they were married. Princess Diana selected from this style in the 1980s. Victoria Beckham and Mariah Carey and other recent celebrity brides have had versions of this style created for them.

If you desire a romantic fairytale wedding dress the ball gown style of wedding dress would be the best option.


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