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How to select the right wedding veil

The most important thing when selecting a veil is to consider the color and style of the wedding dress. It is also important to consider your body and face shape and the style of wedding. In this blog I will look at seven styles of veil.

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The shoulder length veil is known as the Blusher. This is a versatile veil and works well with simple modern dresses, short dresses and suits. It is a great veil because it is suitable for most face shapes. It is often used with the other veil styles as it is can easily be placed back over the bride’s head during the service.

Finger tip

The finger length veil can make the waist line appear wider than it is. For this reason this veil looks best on slim brides. Finger veils are often trimmed with lace, ribbon or other decorative detailing.


This style of veil tends to be fountain like falling to the elbow and is made up of a number of different layers which are gathered at the crown of the head. If stiffer materials are used this veil has the advantage of adding height. It is most attractive on brides with thin faces.


The Waltz Veil is calf or ankle length. This sort of veil really suits a bride with a round face as it can make the face appear longer and thinner.


The Chapel Veil sweeps the floor and can have one or more layers. If you have a ball gown style of wedding dress this is probably the most suitable veil to wear. It is considered the most traditional of veils.

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This Spanish style veil is usually made of lace and covers the bride from top to toe falling from the crown of the head. This style works brilliantly with simple sheath, column or mermaid style wedding dresses.


For the big formal wedding in a large church or venue the Cathedral veil is the most suitable. This veil falls into a long train. It is shown to advantage in a venue or church with a long aisle.

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