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One of the keys to stylish dressing is to know how to figure out what size you really are

To do this you will need a tape measure, time and a trusted friend

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If you want to be stylish it is important to have well fitting clothes this can only be achieved by knowing your own body proportions.

To find out your bust measurement; measure the broadest part of your chest. Also keep the tape measure high under your arms and make sure you encircle your shoulder blades and breasts. It is best to take this measurement with you arms lowered.

There are two ways to measure your waist. Firstly measure around the narrowest part of your waist. Some people think it is better to measure your waist from where your belly button sits. To find the correct waist size in belts, skirts and pants if your waist is an odd number of inches; for example 33 inches buy the next larger size 34 inch not the 32 inch.

With your hips and buttocks stand with your feet together and measure the hips at the widest point. This is approximately 20 cm (8 inches) below the waist. An easy way to determine the correct measurement for ankle length pants wear some well fitted pants and measure from the crotch seam to the end of the pant leg.

To find out your glove size measure around all your fingers at the broadest point. Do not include the thumb in the measurement. If you are right handed measure the right hand if left handed measure the left hand.

If you need to measure your neck make sure to measure around the base of your neck where the collar will sit. When measuring your shoulders; measure from tip to tip.

Hats come in and out of fashion and are very much in vogue at the moment. To find out the size of hat you require measure the crown of your head just above the eyebrows. You can determine the size of hat you require by using the charts below.

I found this brilliant online conversion tool . It is important to note manufacturer’s sizes even in the same country can vary.

In the next blog I will give some tips on how you can disguise what you feel are the least attractive parts of your body and how to enhance and make the most of your most attractive features.


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