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How to select the ideal colors for children’s bedrooms

Baby’s 1st Bedroom

Researchers have discovered infants see contrasts of light and dark before they see color and they appear to prefer black and white. Other research indicates babies like warm colors like muted pink and mixes of greens. The recommended colors to use for baby’s first room; opaque tints, it is suggested this will avoid reflections that could tire the eyes of infants between the ages of 0 – 2 years. The sample board below has been designed using soft muted greens which would be ideal for a young infant.

Sample Board created by Rosena on

Newborns like muted colors, toddlers like bright multi colors

Children between the ages of 2 – 4 enjoy bright multi colored primary hues. Generally kids between the ages of 6 to 12 prefer neutral background colors with touches of the bright colors they favor. During the teenage years young people prefer to express themselves choosing their favorite colors. Purple (violet) has been a popular color for young ladies in recent years. But this color needs to be used with care as it can disturb eye focus. If the teenage bedroom is also used as a study area this color should be avoided. All the sample boards here illustrate how kid’s rooms can be easily designed to not date as the child grows. Also the use of greens and blues on the broad areas of color is a great option as they tend to create a restful tranquil room encouraging youngsters to rest.

Sample Board created by Rosena on

Consider child’s personality, select floor first

The personality of the child can also impact on color choice. Introvert, gentle quiet children tend to prefer soft muted colors. Extrovert outgoing children usually prefer vibrant colors.

As with most rooms it is important to select the flooring first. Bamboo would be an excellent choice for a child’s bedroom. Bamboo is easy to keep clean and is eco friendly. Another environmentally option is cork. The ranges of colors from white, honey, yellow, dark brown and nearly black are now available.

Sample Board created by Rosena on

Bamboo & wallpaper in vogue   

If needed a floor rug can be added to the room to add color, pattern, texture and warmth. Wallpaper is again in vogue. There are some excellent wallpaper especially designed for children but children can quickly grow out of childish designs. Maybe a more subtle or adult style of wallpaper would be the best option. You too can play around on the sample board website creating boards to find out what does with what. It’s easy and fun to do.

Sample Board created by Rosena on


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