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How to be a flapper 1920s vintage bride

The 1920s was a time of dramatic change. Women’s fashion saw hemlines rise and waistlines were lowered. Clothing tended to be loose-fitting and comfortable. The important trend was for clothing to be comfortable.

Mood Board created by Rosena on

There are few approaches you can take to the 1920s vintage wedding theme. For example create a bright young thing flapper theme. To achieve this; the bride’s and bridesmaid dresses should be in silk, satin or tulle, Georgette or muslin. The hemlines of dresses should be just below the knee and scalloped or in handkerchief points.

By 1925 the white wedding dress was considered no longer the thing. Yellow, blue, mauve and other pastel shades were popular. Headdresses in bands of satin, silver or tiaras, diadems of paste were used with open mesh veils placed low on the bride’s brow. Shoes were usually of plain satin with bar-straps. Jewelry was often a long string of pearls.

Mood Board created by Rosena on

Bridesmaids often wore hats. The most popular flowers were tulips. Grooms tended to be formally dressed wearing top hat and tails. It also became fashionable to have a number of young attendants.

The two mood boards shown here were created on the and illustrate a feel for the 1920s theme and I have also written a more detailed article available at via @ArticlesBase How to create a vintage ‘Roaring 1920s Wedding Theme’ with Flapper & Art Deco Style


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