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Part 2: Who does what when planning a wedding?

The Groom

Most modern grooms are very active in all the plans. Traditionally they take care of the payment of fees; these include the church or registrar fees. Other payments; could include choir, organist, musicians and minister or celebrant fees. Payments can be made before the big day or the groom gives the money to the best man to pay on the day.

Responsible for financial and legal transactions

The groom obviously chooses a best man and any other male members of the wedding party and any ushers. He is responsible for buying the wedding rings and attendant’s gifts. He usually organizes suits for himself and best man.

He buys the wedding rings and attendant’s gifts

Transport for the bride and groom after the ceremony is also the groom’s responsibility. He usually makes the second speech at the reception.

After ceremony car and honeymoon

He also organizes the honeymoon. Makes a booking and makes payments. It is important for him to ensure any passports are valid and make booking for any vaccinations that may be needed.

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What does the best man do?

One of the fun duties of the best man is to arrange a stag night. But he must make sure the groom gets home safely. He usually organizes the overnight accommodation for himself and the groom on the night before the big day if needed.

Stag party

He usually makes sure the order of service sheets have been collected and are delivered to the church for the ushers to hand out to the guests. He also needs to organize for the groom’s going way clothes and luggage for the honeymoon to be left at the reception venue.

Makes sure grooms clothing and luggage are left at venue

On the morning of the wedding he needs to keep the groom on tract and help with any last minute nerves. He should check the groom has any certificates, licenses, passports, visas and tickets. Also make sure cases are packed for the honeymoon and he has the all important rings.

Makes sure groom has any documentation needed for wedding and honeymoon

The best man is responsible for organizing transport for the groom and his party to get to the service and to make sure the groom arrives at the ceremony on time. He looks after the wedding rings until they are required during the ceremony.

Looks after wedding rings

He liaises with the toastmaster or he sometimes announces the speeches and cake cutting ceremony He usually makes the third speech, reads out any cards or messages from those unable to go to the ceremony.

Speech, messages and keeps an eye on time

The best also keeps an eye on the time and reminds the groom and bride when it is time to leave. He looks after the grooms clothes and returns any hired suits.

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