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The Queen who influenced the white wedding dress trend

Over the past weeks I have been researching the story of the white wedding dress. I was delighted to read in the Bendigo Weekly the Bendigo Art Gallery will unveil the world premiere The White Wedding Dress: 200 Years of Wedding Fashions in August can’t wait.

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The article explained the exhibition will feature a collection from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. In addition wedding dresses from the Australian colonial period to contemporary times will also be on show. Gowns from designers such as Akira Isogawa and Toni Maticevski will be highlighted.

How the white wedding dress became a trend then an ongoing tradition will be traced from the early 1800s. Queen Victoria (who was so in love with her) Prince Albert she disregarded the norms of the time. Instead of her head of state robes she turned herself into a romantic bride in white silk satin in 1840.

Most brides at the time were wearing coloured gowns. But Victoria set a new trend for white wedding dresses. It became the symbol of romantic love and purity. The first bride fair was held in 1881. The fair showcased wedding dresses, jewelry, floral arrangements, stationary, photographs and furniture for the perfect white wedding. And so the trend lives on having come in and out of fashion depending world events like the depression and world wars. William and Kate’s wedding this month has indicated how many of us are still romantics at heart. Her wedding dress set to inspire many brides to become a princess for a day in a glamorous, elegant, and sometimes extravagant white wedding dress.

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