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Part 1: Who does what when planning a wedding?

The bride

Usually the bride decides the theme and type of ceremony. But more grooms are interested in being part of all the wedding plans. They both decide on the time of year, date and time. However the bulk of the responsibility for planning the wedding is the brides.

Theme, date, time and type of ceremony

She usually draws up the guest list with the groom and/or with both sets of parents help. Many times she will select her chief bridesmaid in the early stages of the planning. The main bridesmaid often knows about the great event before the parents do. Other attendants are selected later.

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Guest list, bridemaids

The church and venue for the wedding reception are chosen by the bride and will often influence the wedding theme or be influenced by the theme. The style and colors for the wedding are often interlinked to the location and theme of the wedding and are very much chosen by the bride. The menu for the reception is worked out by the bride and groom. Seating plans and catering details are organized and information kept up to date by the bride.

Location/church, venue, style colors, menu, seating plan

Wedding stationary based on the style, colors and theme are selected again by the bride. Next on the bride’s agenda is finding a wedding dress, going away outfit, bridesmaid and other attendance dresses. The hairstyles, accessories, makeup and beauty preparations are all arranged or at least thought about at this time.

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Stationary, dress, hairstyle, accessories

The music for the ceremony and entertainment for reception venue is organized by the bride. Next is the order of service with the help of the groom.  She usually orders the wedding cake finds and florist and orders the flowers. The photographer is chosen and booked.

Music, cake, flowers, photographer,

During the preparation for the wedding the bride should also follow up on any guest who has not replied to invitations.The bride and groom may also provide a wedding gift list. After the wedding the bride usually sends out the thank you for gift cards. She must remember to notify organizations of any change of name and address.

Gift list, thank you cards, notify change of address

There you have it the main duties of the bride when planning the wedding. The modern trend; is for the bride and groom to work closely together to create their ideal wedding. But there are some traditional duties that will fall to the bride or the groom. The important thing to remember is to cover all bases and to make sure nothing vital is forgotten. Check lists are a great way to ensure things run smoothly.        



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