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Perfect Blue & Traditional Interior Design

The person with a melancholy personality wants a perfect world, to be perfect and wants everyone else to be perfect. They can make life hard for themselves. In the last two blogs I talked about the fun loving sanguine and the achieving choleric personalities and in the next blog I will finish this series of blogs with the laid back phlegmatic personality.

Melancholy wants perfection

People with a melancholy personality type are sensitive and deep thinkers. If you want a perfect job just call this person. They are usually shy, gentle, quiet and often tend to be loners. Many great artists had melancholy temperaments.

Shy deep thinking sensitive

Of the four interior design styles; Mini Modern, Ethnic Cultural, Enviro Natural and Traditional Cultural, the Traditional Cultural would suit the melancholy person best. They value beautiful things and great craftsmanship.

Traditional Cultural Interior Style

Now to the song; the song I selected in my workshops to help the participants recall the traits of the melancholy temperament ‘Blue Moon’. The words ‘blue moon you saw me standing alone without a song in my heart without a love of my own’. I thought the words illustrate how the poor melancholy person can take a long time to find a partner because they want perfection. They want a perfect mate and perfect relationship. So they can often find themselves alone.

Blue Moon and perfect subduing blue or maybe world of our own

The colour blue is subduing and tranquilizing this is the colour I selected to represent the melancholy person. The melancholy person is deep like the ocean and can often appear far away like they are in a world of their own. Just thought the Seekers song ‘World of Our Own’ could also be a match. Goes something like this;

We’ll build a world of our own that no one else can share.

All our sorrows we’ll leave far behind us there.

And I know you will find there’ll be peace of mind when we live in a world of our own.

So I’m singing away as I write this blog. It’s a habit of mine bursting into song at anytime and anywhere. If you would like more information on this temperament here is the link to the article Interior Design with Personality in Mind You may also like to check out this link  it’s a blog about how to work well with the melancholy client I also have added a quick personality quiz.

Personality Quiz A5

All the Mood Boards in this blog were created by Rosena on You can click on the board to get details. If you haven’t had ago at creating sample boards on I invite you to do so. It’s easy it’s fun it’s a brilliant way to create eco friendly boards.


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