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How to create a French provincial bedroom

The French Provincial bedroom usually had Louis bed heads in either a walnut or painted finish. Sleight beds or French curved beds were also in vogue. Curved fronted bedside tables and consoles with cane inserts the trend of the time. Bed heads were often upholstered in toils de Jany fabrics. In the typical provincial bedroom a small bergere, Louis salon chairs and bed end stools were used with curved fronted chests of drawers.

Impressions of French Style Sample Board created on

Beds had thick mattresses and large feather quilts. Beds were usually placed against a wall or in an alcove. Curtains were used to provided warmth and privacy. These were placed as canopies suspended from the ceiling or attached to the bedposts. In the south of France the Angel beds with four short posts, no footboards and a plain head boards were popular. The a la duchesse bed with its elegant canopies covering the mattress were popular in the northern regions of France.

Bedroom curtains of cotton or linen plain or with a small scale pattern with a white or light background and one color were used. Toile de Jouy will give the most authentic look. The most common colors used in French provincial style; blue and white, red and white.

To create the typical French Provincial bedroom


Floors in South of France were usually tiled floors

Parquetry or plain timer floors were popular

Aubusson Rugs – in delicate floral designs or tapestry carpet


Place the bed close to a wall or in an alcove

Use upholstered head board or one with cane insert with painted frame or a painted frame

Sleigh bed

Canopy of gauzy white cotton or toile de Jouy fabric

Thick mattress

Feather quilt

Or hand worked lace bedspread

Or a brightly coloured coverlet of Provencal design


Armoire (cupboard with full length doors) varied from region to region

Comfortable chairs usually in Louis XV or Louis XVI style

Bonnetiere (tall narrow cupboard usually in oak with a single door)

Chiffonniere (tall chest of drawers)

Or create a closet with shelves in a niche with a curtain

Another option to replace the doors of a modern unit with fabric or remove the panel in a door and replace it with fabric

Bedside tables were often topped with marble or timber

Colours used in French provincial style

Blue and white, red and white


Curtains simply styled

Curtains – cotton or linen plain or with small scale pattern with white background and one colour. Toil de Jouy will give most authentic look

For canopies – voile, muslin, cotton, fine linen or light silk

Bed linen

Kelsch a French linen plaid cloth in combinations of white, red and blue is also authentic but it is hard to find.

Hand blocked floral fabrics


Wall sconces placed on either side of the bed instead of table lamps

Farmhouse style chandelier

French style table lamps

This sample board shows a contemporary twist on the French Provincial style. The wallpaper is by Graham Brown. The furniture from Belle House, the fabrics from Warwick Fabrics, the rug is a Christophe Living rug and the colours used are from Dulux.

Sample Board created on


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