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One of the origins of ‘Retro Design’ is great setting for Aussie Bush Wedding

I mentioned the brilliant Australian architect Robin Boyd in a recent blog post. He was a man well ahead of his time and created some awesome eco friendly house designs. Many of the homes he designed in the 1950s and 1960s are becoming benchmarks for sustainability. Robin Boyd’s daughter Susie Boyd stated to the Sunday Herald Sun “To see my father’s ideas from 50 years ago revisited as a new standard is very pleasing”.

Boyd designed Baker House in 1958 The house has now become a popular wedding venue. The house is a great place to stage a unique ‘Australian Bush Wedding’. The wedding party can even stay overnight. Why not play around with your wedding plan ideas by visiting the Sampleboard digital mood board editor. The board below was created on

created on


The house is decorated with retro Eames, Jacobson and Wegner furniture and Australian art work from the era by Blackman and Whitely. It has a square floor plan with a central Mediterranean courtyard set in Mallee bush among native fauna and flora. There is also fish pond. The roof line is a pyramid shape and the floor is a concrete slab. Boyd made use of many eco friendly features for example he included a number of water tanks.

You can also find more information on the Baker house at

More Boyd creations:

  • Gillison House in Balwyn 1952
  • Featherson House Ivanhoe 1967-69
  • John Batman Motor Inn 1967
  • Frederick Romberg St Georges Anglican Church 1962

Other brilliant designers of the era in Australia are Walter Burly Griffin and Frederick Romberg who have evidence of a green design in their creations.


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