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Water wise garden design


Many regions of Australian have had over 10 years of drought. Thank God the drought has now broken. But it has made many of us very aware of how much water we have wasted during the years we had a plentiful water supply. The valuable lessons learned during that time will continue to inform my design choices.



During the height of the drought I went to a water wise gardening seminar. One of the speakers at the workshop was Kevin Walsh. His book ‘Waterwise Gardening’ is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to design a water wise garden.





I hope the lists in this blog are helpful and you will be encouraged to design an eco friendly garden. You can also find a more detailed article on the subject at You can also have some fun and create your own garden design mood board by following the link on the right ‘Create your own mood board with the Sample Board editor’ under the Creative Buzz links


You may also find this website helpful It is the site of an international organization promoting plants and gardening for Mediterranean climates.


The board at the beginning of this blog I created on the terrific Sample Board digital mood board editor. It is a great way to play around with your design ideas and is a lot of fun.


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