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Designers some tips on how to make you job application stand out from the rest

Interior designers, decorators, graphic and fashion designers sometimes forget to create interesting, sparkling, exciting job applications to reflect their creative flair. I have seen it happen. This week I marked an assignment for a student in which she presented a job application. I was surprised to discover she had did not do herself justice with her application. The cover letter was very brief, the words used uncreative and was typed on a plain white A4 page.

Why I know what I am talking about and can help you to succeed

Over the years I have successfully applied for numerous jobs. The reason for this; my husband moved around about every eighteen months. I have also been blessed to help many other people to success in their job applications. These days’ job applications have in my opinion become a fine art. I was inspired to write an article on the subject and will also discuss this very important topic in this blog.

Job applications have become a fine art

The first thing to do is to read the advertisement for the position carefully. You may want to make some notes. In the position posted on the MyCareer website by the Laura Ashley Company (see above) you can clearly see what they want. For example they want a highly motivated person with a passion for people and an understanding of retail. Before you take the next step and compose the cover letter find out what you can about the company. You can easily do this by visiting the company website. Make notes of the sort of colours, patterns and motifs used. Get a feel for the firm.

Position Criteria for Interior Decorator with Laura Ashley

  • Highly motivated person
  • Passion for people
  • Love of interior design
  • Understand retail
  • Ability to measure and quote soft furnishings
  • Proven sales record
  • Great communication skills
  • Professional presentation
  • Able to manage projects from start to finish
  • Computer skills
  • Ability to work under pressure in busy environment

Find out about the company

The next step is to compose the cover letter. In this letter you should address all the job criteria. Try to give evidence of how you meet the criteria throughout your application. It is best to use short paragraphs and to start each paragraph with a different word for the cover letter. The aim of the application is to get an interview. You can’t get the job if you have not written a good enough application to get that all important interview. Always have someone read your application to check for any mistakes.

The aim of the application is to get an interview

As well as wording the letter it is important to let your artistic flair shine. Instead of using a plain white A4 piece of paper for the letter the resume, skills audit, curriculum vita (or resume) and references think about creating an interesting design to unsure your application stands out.

Show your designer flair

For example use coloured paper you could match the paper colour to the design company’s colour or the background colour of the advertisement. Or/and use a coloured envelope. You could use eco friendly options like recycled paper and folders. Create an interesting page design. Do anything (within reason) to make your application stand out.

Make your application stand out

The job criteria for this position were in a nutshell they wanted:

  • Interior designer with creative edge
  • Design beyond the limits of traditional options
  • Source products
  • Build relationship with suppliers
  • Stay ahead of future trends
  • Design within budget
  • Motivated
  • Organised
  • Design qualification
  • Auto-Cad experience
  • Team player

I hope this blog will help you in some way toward your success. In future blogs I intend cover things like how to shine at an interview.


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