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Oz fashion scene has come a long way; Australia is a great place to start a fashion business

Australia is considered a great place to start a fashion business states Glynis Traill-Nash in her article oz fashion written for the February edition of Virgin Blue Voyeur magazine. Young designers find the Aussie fashion scene supportive, innovative and a place of opportunity.

Aussie fashion scene is a place of opportunity, support and innovation

Designers like Therese Rawsthrone and Bianca Spender have set up business after time spent in European fashion houses.  They come back because Aus is a great place to start if you have very little capital. The market here is less competitive and the media welcoming. Josh Goot states  “….you have opportunity to get recognition, tell your story, build your wholesale distribution and maybe retail in a small period of time, which is unusual globally….”. Nash found designers could enter the international market from a strong Australian base. Included in this blog are some examples of fashion mood boards created on This is a great way of playing around with your design ideas.

Create an Aussie fashion base then the world’s your oyster

A new stock of innovative designers includes Romance Was Born, Friedrich Gray, Gail Sorronda, Konstantina Mittas, Christopher Esber and Dion Lee. Lee creates unique trends instead of following others. Aussie retails like Tanya Stevanovic supports local and New Zealand designers by stocking their designs in her Pretty Dog boutique.

Aussies are creating unique fashion trends not following others

People are tending to support local brands this trend has taken over ten years to develop. Tanya states “…Most of the designers I stock stick to their own style; they’re not trend based”    Young designers have found more experienced designers happy to help; people like the Zimmerman sisters. Nicky and Simone Zimmerman are doing big business overseas with their ready to wear and swimwear designs.

Local fashion designers tend to stick to their own style they are not trend based

In the Australian fashion scene everyone gets excited when anyone else does well; all feel happy when an Aussie fashion designer succeeds. I have placed some links below you may like to visit the sites for some inspiration. I just love Josh Goot’s colourful blazer.


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