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The Multi Fashion Designer Trends of 2011

The age of the designer is really upon us. Fashion designers are designing wallpaper and fabrics as are famous costume designers. Many artists are adding interior decorating to their skills. The cross over is of design disciplines is amazing.

To stay up to date designers need to keep their eye on all facets of design

Retro fashion styles are still in vogue in 2011. 1970 style dresses, high waist trousers and elegant blouses. An understated punk style is still fashionable. 1950’s full circle skirt dresses and sheath dresses hugging the body to below the knee emphasis the hour-glass figure are popular. The 1970’s maxi dress is back in fashion in sheer fabrics.

Maxi sheer

In the recent Myer catalogue Jennifer Hawkins is pictured in a 1950 style dress with bobby socks. Bobby socks were popular in 1940s and 1950s. The socks are ankle length. The socks are designed to fold down and often have lace or bows and other ornaments as decoration. Frank Sinatra was called the Bobby Sock Idol.

Bobby socks & full-skirted dresses

Women’s clothing this year is feminine and soft including lace used in new ways. Bell bottomed trousers and Capri are also back in fashion. Kitten heeled shoes will thankfully replace the extreme high-heeled shoes of the 2010. Clunky wooden shoes only just remain in fashion.


Kitten heels replace high stiletto heels

A kitten heel is a type of shoe with a thin-based, low heel (usually 1.5 inches or less) and is set in from the back of the shoe. These sorts of heels are especially popular on pumps, kitten heels can also be found on many types of women’s dress shoes. More than just being a low heel, what makes a kitten heel is the placement and feminine curved shape of the heel.

In addition to being ankle length, bobby socks are also typically ornamented with a layer of lace or other material. The tops of the socks may be designed to fold down to showcase decorative materials, and it is not uncommon to see a bow or similar ornament on the back of the sock. Traditionally, bobby socks are plain white, but patterned and colored versions are available.

Flared jeans

Flared jeans are back in vogue for men and some believe they will totally replace the skinny jean trend of 2010. Leather jackets and aviator sunglasses are also said to be popular.



Many current fashion colours in vogue are derived from nature, vegetable colours like eggplant, tomato red, hay, grass. Neutrals brown, beige, taupe, charcoal and black are still very much in use.


Sheer textiles in dreamy pastel shades lavender, pink, misty blue and pearlescent creamy whites add a soft feminine look to the season. Gingham checks, burlap, plaids, beeswax, floral yarns and rope style fabrics grace the fashion conscious belle.  Large colourful stripes looking like liquorice all sorts are also in vogue. Below are some of 2011’s trendy colours. Please note colours can vary.


Bird nest buns, braided knots and double knot hairstyles are predicted to be popular this year. The classic bob hair style has been reinvented as the waved bob in relaxed and understated style.

Reinvent waved bob & bird nest buns

The waved bob can be created by using a maximizing mousse and salon style. The mousse should be worked into the hair then the hair dried. Semi loose ringlet style curls should then be created by sectioning of the hair and using a styling product. To keep the style in place use hair spray and dry the hair with a hair dryer.

The wonderful thing about fashion in the 21st century is the multiple choices available. So many trends are happening at the same time. This makes it so easy to create a truly unique up to the minute look.


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