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During my years studying art and design I was so grateful to the teachers who opened my mind to encouraged research and understanding of many art forms from music, dance, drama and craft as well as the visual arts. I still find my creativity as a designer stimulated by painting, sculpture and other art forms. I revisited some DVD’s of Sister Wendy Becket recently unfortunately I did not have time to view the whole collection. But I enjoyed enough to become enthralled again with the wonder of creativity and art. I love and so completely agree with her statement (I think it is something like) “I get cross when people make a distinction between craft and art”. The image below is from the Lascaux cave paintings.

Craftsmanship is art

Craftsmanship she believes is art and I agree. If you have a passion for art I am sure you will enjoy the series of BBC programs; ‘The Story of Painting’, ‘Sister Wendy’s Grand Tour’, ‘Sister Wendy’s Odyssey” and ‘Sister Wendy’s Pain of Glass’ You can get a taste by visiting this youTube link.

The Story of Painting

Sister Wendy was born in South Africa, educated in the UK, joined a convent with a strict code of silence. When I was a young girl I wanted to be a nun but my mum said I could never keep the vow of silence for ten minutes. Sister Wendy also trained as a teacher and taught in South Africa. After getting special permission to study art she went on to be a recognized authority on the subject. Cezanne (see example of his work below) is one of her favorite artist. He is also one of my favorite painters

Art can inform the work of designers

If you have never really got the art bug this could be the series to change all that. Her passion is contagious.  As designers I think art can inform our work in a very profound way. I will leave this little bit of heaven Sister Wendy’s world of art for a time when I have more time to enjoy it. But I do highly recommend you treat yourself to the treasurers glimpsed in these DVDs.


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