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Do classic designer hair styles like the pixie chop or the choppy mop ever go out of fashion?

Designer’s haircut

I wonder if you are like me. I don’t simply go to the hair dresser and have a cut. No I design every part in advance I know exactly how I want the back, the top, the sides and the front. One of our friends in another state who we don’t see very often laughingly told me ‘I don’t think I have ever seen you with the same hair style twice’. I have always loved experimenting with hair colour and styles. Now a little older and maybe wiser I do not change my hair style as often. The classic hair styles appeal to me but as a designer I have to design and adjust the cut. I just can’t help myself I am a designer at heart.

The Classic Bob

Last year I read an article in the magazine Notebook on classic hair styles. I thought I need to come back to this topic and have a closer look so that’s what I am doing in this blog post. Who can forget the most copied style of Jenifer Aniston when she was on Friends? Another recent leader Victoria Beckham led the worldwide trend for the classic bob. Catherine Zeta Jones also had her hair cut in a bob in her movie Chicago.

Josephine Baker an American dancer working in France during the 1920s as well as silent movie actress’ influenced the swinging twenties fashions with their bob hairstyles. The basic straight line cut of the bob has been reinvented many times. People like Barbara Streisand in Funny girl, the actress Greta Garbo and the designer Coco Chanel have had bobs cut in varying lengths.

The bob needs to be cut often and well. It can then just be left to dry naturally or blown dry to emphasis smooth sleek lines of the style.

The Pixie Chop

A brilliant hairstyle for the over 40s is the pixie style. Dame Judi Dench has successfully worn this style for a number of years. Hair is cut to about 3 – 5cm all over. Sometimes it is left a little longer on the top. The beauty of this style; it looks brilliant with very little work just wash and dry your hair and you are ready to go.

I first saw this style in the 1960s when worn by the iconic model Twiggy. I had a friend who looked just like Twiggy. Mia Farrow also favored the style. Recently the actress’ Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan have looked awesome with this haircut.

The Choppy Mop

In the mid 1990s Meg Ryan introduced the choppy hair style. The style can be created on short to shoulder length hair. This modern style needs hair styling products to work. Wax is needed to separate the hair to add a textured look. This is a no straight lines haircut and best suits hair that has a natural wave or curl.

Have some fun and discover the designer hair style for you

There are a number of website where you can view hundreds of hair styles. You can even upload a photo and try a hair style. Great fun 4 Hairstyles.Com is an example of this sort of site. Just follow this link and have some fun

The Newsreader Flick

Suzanne Wangmann in her article (in Notebook) 5 Classic Cuts mentions two more styles; the newsreader and the peek-a-boo styles. Candice Bergman wears this style in the movie Sex and the City. It is called the newsreader because many newsreaders around the world have this style. People like Barbara Walters and Martha Steward have been fans of the style.

It is popular because is suits most face shapes and age groups. The hair needs to be left long enough to allow the hair to kick out and is highly textured with a side part and a long fringe. The hair needs to be cut every six weeks to stay in shape. It also can require a lot of styling.

The Peek-a-boo Smooth

The long wavy glamorous peek-a-boo hairstyle is back in fashion. The hair has a side parting with a deep fringe that falls over one eye. The movie actress Veronica Lake made the style the rage in the 1940s. Others like Katherine Hepburn, Lauren Bacall and Gene Tierney followed suit to make it the most popular style of the day.

The hair needs to be blown dry with a large round brush making the ends roll under. Rollers or a curling iron can also be used. Different hair types will require different products. Fine hair needs a body building shampoo a conditioner and a thickening mouse. Thick or coarse hair may need a smoothing serum applied after the hair has been washed. It is best not to weigh the hair down with too much product especially silicone smoothing products.

I believe hairdressing is an art. Great hair stylists are great designers.


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