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The Stylish 1950’s and Swinging 1960’s can be created using Sample Board Online supplier base

From the Article: How to interior design in a retro style: Stylish 1950’s or Swinging 1960’s
To design in a retro style is to remix aspects of a previous style.  Many styles of the past have successfully been reinvented time and time again. A popular retro style is the style created in the 1950’s rock ‘n’ rock era. The 1960’s became known as the swinging 60’s. Interior décor and clothing fashions can be intermingle to create bold trendy statements.

SAS Royal Hotel Denmark 1958
Designed by Arne Jacobsen 

Featuring his famous Egg Chair

Some 1950’s Colours

Hot Pink
King Fisher Blue

If you would like to create a 1950’s look hot pink was the colour of the decade. Italian couture began to rival French couture. Pucci and Simonetta were influenced by the colours of the Renaissance. Fath used Honan silks in hot pink. Turquoise became a sensation after 1951. The Germany Company Bayer developed the first colour fast turquoise dye Alcian. Full skirts in bold colours were a hallmark of the rock ‘n’ roll era …. To read more….
If you have followed the link from the article you will find some images in this blog from these eras.

During the 50’s and 60’s the International Style also continued to have impact on the design scene. Many of the classic furniture designs created at this time are now available, being replicated or used as a source of inspiration for contemporary design.

SAS Royal Hotel Denmark 

Interior Design by Arne Jacobsen
Featuring his Egg Chair

Some 1960’s Colours

Examples are the Egg Chair designed by Arne Jacobsen, the Ant chair and the Eames chair and ottoman. You can find suppliers of these designer items on the Sample Board Online site.

Sample Boards Created on Sample Board Online
Featuring Classic Modern Furniture

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