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Wash lamp, health & humour, awards and Quantum’s acoustic delights

In this blog you will find the links and some images as I promised in the Sample Board Online July newsletter

The Wash Lamp

As mentioned in the July newsletter Alex Kovatchev has generated a great buzz with her ‘Wash Lamp’ exhibited at the European Lighting Fair in Frankfurt. The exciting eco friendly lamps designed by Alex are created from washing machine drums. That’s the part we wash our clothes in what a brilliant way to use recycled parts.

Humour keeps us healthy
If you have had trouble with the link to the ‘The Science Daily’ article in the newsletter on how a sense of humour helps keep people healthy and increases their chances of reaching retirement age. You can use the link below. The article quoting a study conducted by the University Of Science & Technology (NTNU) in Norway as a source can be found here

Tale of Two Brains
I am sure you would enjoy the hilarious youtube video The Tale of Two Brains by Mark Gunger. He explains how male and female brains are different. It is well worth checking out this video. I always think it is worthwhile adding to our understanding of the human brain. This sort of knowledge can be helpful to us in our personal and professional life. Hope you enjoy the video.    

International Restaurant & Bar Design Awards
The overall winner for best restaurant design is the ‘Galvin La Chapelle’ in London designed by designLSM. The best bar award was awarded to ‘The Tote’ in India designed by Serie Architects. You can find images and details of all the winners on the restaurant and bar design awards website.

The Victorian 2010 Premier’s Design Award winners

The State of Design Festival was a great success. I am slowly going through my discoveries. I spent two wonderful days in Melbourne. The winners of the design awards are listed below and you can find images on the website
  • Python Underground Processing Plant
  • The Golden Age of Couture Exhibition (I visited the exhibition it was brilliantly designed)
  • Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program
  • Eastlink (Urban Design) – ConnectEast,
  • Whizkids, the National eTherapy Centre and Swinburne University of Technology

SBO supplier Quantum’s Acoustic Delights                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

I have added some images of some funky new Quantum Innovation products; they have added acoustic panels to the Graphic Illusion range. I will do a more detailed blog on the products soon. To give you a taste of what is to come.  



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