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Just a Wee Bit Of Art Deco in the Middle of Art Nouveau

When I have finished writing the series on Art Nouveau I will move onto a series of blogs on the Art Deco style. I interrupted this series because I have already written and published an article called ‘How 2 Create a Jazzy Art Deco Bedroom’ and I would like to show some examples of Art Deco schemes I have created on Sample Board Online.
So for those of you who may have clicked the link to this blog here are a few examples to keep you going until I complete the series on Art Nouveau. The sample boards were very quickly and easily created on the SBO site
I invite you to revisit the blog and follow the blogs on Art Deco. There is a suggestion by some; the Art Deco style will be coming back into vogue. I must admit after spending time looking at the splendor of both these styles I am tempted to redecorate in either the Art Nouveau or Art Deco style with a modern twist. But I have to constrain myself we plan to move in the next few years. Then I can let myself loose and create a totally different home.

If you would like to read the article here’s the link

Winston Churchill stated
“We shape our dwellings. Afterwards our dwellings shape us”

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