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Interior Designers Can Save Lives?

While conducting some research last year on what; I can’t remember I found a brilliant list of how interior designers save lives. Don’t you love the serendipities of life? I find they happen a lot when surfing the web. It can be a challenge to resist the urge to get lost. I do try to discipline myself to stay on target. However there are just some days when I get lost in web space discovering so many things I can hardly keep up. Just love it.

Interior designers can save lives?

The concise comprehensive list of points on how interior designers can save lives complied by Interior Design Legislative Coalition of Pennsylvania (IDICPA) reminds us there are a number of ways interior designers can:

     · Save lives

     · Reduce consumer cost

     · Promote energy efficiency

     · Pursue environmental responsibility

     · Increase productivity and well being

Most people have a completely different view of interior design. Many see interior design as a luxury of no particular importance. Lists like this one produced by the IDICPA highlight this is not so. For example the first one mentioned is fire prevention.

Fire Prevention

If fires are not caught immediately once they start in interior spaces they can spread rapidly. It is estimated within the first 45 seconds deadly noxious gasses are produced. Designers are trained to use products or have products treated to comply with fire codes. Last year I had some Indian saris’ treated with a fire-retardant by Peter Lynn of Qualifire in Port Adelaide before we could use them in an art café space. This is only of the many ways interior designers save lives. 
If you want to view the complete list the website is

Sometimes as designers it can be of value to revisit and consider some of things mentioned on the list. It can also be refreshing to think about the importance of our work. I am so happy to be involved in such a complex and ever changing field of endeavour. There is no time for boredom. The great English critic, essayist, and reformer John Ruskin said:
The highest reward for man’s toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it.’

2 responses to “Interior Designers Can Save Lives?

  1. Jan Pohl January 21, 2010 at 9:37 am

    please give me more information about Fire Prevention that you briefly mentioned in the blog.backless counter stools

  2. Rosena January 21, 2010 at 11:02 am

    Hi Jan In Australia each local council, state government and the federal government have regulations on fire prevention. Manufacturers of fabrics, carpets and other interior design products have to meet with certain standards. Products are given a rating and this information is then placed on the products. Designers can use this information of fire rating to check for appropriate products to meet the requirements in a particular situation. This means when a designer is working on a project all the regulations need to be checked and the standards adhered to. This is particularly the case in public builds. Although in Victoria due to the bush fire tragedy in 2009 the government is creating standards for domestic house designs. It is the responsibility of the designer to check the requirements in the area where the designer lives and works.

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